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Course Requirements

Certificate II in Building Construction  
First year students only    
First Aid Level 1 $35  
Construction Induction Card $70  
Tool Box Lease $30  
TOTAL $135  
No materials cost for second year students  
The above fee requirements are to be paid directly to the SWTAFE Bookshop located at the Warrnambool Campus in Timor Streett not at the student's school.
This payment is to be made two weeks within commencement of the program.
(Cheques can be made out to: South West Institute of TAFE)
Additional requirements:  
Overalls or similar & safety boots  
Ruler: White 1 metre carpenters type  
Tape: Preferred 8 metre retractable type  
Pen, carpenters pencil, calculator  
  All Warrnambool building programs are held at the Sherwood Park campus, located at Deakin University.  
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