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Important Dates 2015


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Nov 14 2014 2015 Planning Day. Received 2015 enrolment forms. Prior to meeting all schools numbers and student names were sent in using SWTAFE VETiS proformas
Feb 5th Late enrolment forms due into SWTAFE. (Need to include USI's)
Feb 12th First day of VETiS - Thursday at all Campuses
Feb 16th issue to schools pre-populated schedules (SWTAFE info) 2015 "Standard VETiS Purchasing contract" School to populate the student section and issue to SWTAFE for signing.
Feb 20th All enrolment forms due to be finalised including any missing USI and VSN numbers.
Feb 20th

Portland & Hamilton  2015 Finalising Session.  Half day each to finalise the 2015  VETiS contracts, procedures, and programs. (Will be done through either face to face visit meeting at each SWTAFE campus or via Video conference facilities or over the phone.)

Feb 27th Warrnambool 2015 Finalising day. Half day to finalise the 2015 VETiS contracts, procedures and programs. Held at the Warrnambool Campus
March 6th Final cut off day for reimbursement of student withdrawals from SWTAFE contract.
March 13th

Schools to have Evidence of Participation (EOP) start date for any school delivered units on pre-populated proforma into SWTAFE for processing. 

March 13th Student Records to have all students processed and enrolment confirmation forms ready to go out to schools and TAFE personnel. (If enrolment forms are in on time) (Please Check Carefully)
March 17th Letters sent to Principals and Business Managers notifying of 2015 VETiS invoice amount, and outlining NEW payment schedules.
March 23rd

Invoice schools 25% of total 2015 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th.  (First payment)  NEW

April 27th Deadline for VET in Schools enrolments on the VASS database for funding purposes.
May 1st Try a Career Day - Portland Campus
May 19th Susan to give student records database of students who are potential certificate holders. Check 2nd year units are correct for completion.
May 29th Try a Career Day -   Sherwood Campus - Warrnambool Schools
June 1st Try a Career Day -   Sherwood Campus - Corangamite Schools
June 18th Mid year VETiS reports sent out (double check 2014 results for second year students)
June 22nd Invoice schools 25% of total 2015 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th. (2nd Payment) NEW
July 29th Try a Career Day - Hamilton Campus- Hamilton schools
Sept 14th

Invoice schools 25% of total 2015 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th.  (Third Payment) NEW

Sept 15th 2016 VETiS number due into SWTAFE
Oct 7th Result stationary delivered out to all schools for school delivered units.
Oct 9th 2016 Auspicing documentation due
Oct 9th Send Inicative scores out. Due on VASS Oct 19th
Oct 16th Results must be into Student Records for processing- Schools return result stationery to Susan Pettigrew. TAFE personnel are to input results through SMS. The earlier the better.
Oct 15th 2015 VETiS Achievement Award nominations due.
Oct 15th Last teaching day for VETiS first and second years.
Oct 16th Send scored assessment scores out. Due on VASS Nov 16th
Oct 19th

Invoice schools final 25% of total 2015 amount, based on students listed on the contract after March 6th.  (Final payment) NEW

Oct 23rd Send 2016 enrolment forms out to schools.
Nov 5th Statement of Attainments/Scored assessment results issued to schools.
Nov 13th 2016 VETiS Planning Meeting/ Lunch (Friday). Checking of Statement of attainments, potential certificate holders, enrolment form return.
Nov 16th Final date for VASS entry of VET results and VCE VET coursework task scores.
Dec 2nd Delivery of Certificates/ Statement of Attainment to schools for students to keep
  2015 VCE VET Exam timetable October 28th - 20th November
  The 2015 VCE end of year written examination timetable will be published in May by the VCAA.
November 5th Community Services
November  5th Hospitality (Kitchen Operations)
November 6th Interactive Digital Media (Held at SWTAFE)
November 9th Furnishings
November 12th VET Hospitality
November 13th Sport and Recreation
November 18th Engineering
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