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Course Requirements

All students are required to make full payment of resource books within 2 weeks of attendance.
2016 Resource costings    
First year students - One year program    
Certificate II in Retail Make-up and Skin care  
Students are required to purchase: - Retail Makeup Book 1 $78  
  - Retail Make-up Assessment Folder $10  
  - Retail Make-up Tookit 1 $185  
Second year students - Partial completion (Certificate II is the pre-requisite)  
Certificate III in Beauty    
Students are required to purchase - Beauty Book 2 $10  
  - Beauty Assessment Folder $10  
  - Beauty Toolkit 2 $22.95  
  - Present Products (small print book) $15  
All materials / Toolkits are to be paid direct to SWTAFE via department guidelines
Students are required to wear neat casual clothing.  

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