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Gain a competitive advantage when looking to gain an apprenticeship in a trade!

Employers look favourably upon potential employees who have some industry-relevant experience and South West TAFE’s pre-apprenticeships provide this. Graduates from our pre-apprenticeship programs are highly sought after by regional employers.

Our pre-apprenticeships introduce you to a trade, give you an insight into working in industry and provide a pathway to gaining an apprenticeship or traineeship. Also, they might not cost as much as you expect and most take just six month or less.

Enquire now to do a pre apprenticeship course in 2013!

A six month program providing general knowledge, mechanical skills and hands-on workshop experience in basic automotive functions and vehicle systems.

With particular focus on the motorsport environment, this six month pre-apprenticeship program provides students with a general knowledge and skill base in areas common across most sections of the automotive industry.

This course develops students’ hand skills to an acceptable industry standard for students seeking a career in the carpentry field. Students will construct a full size domestic house or similar structure from ground to completion.

Students will learn practical and theoretical electrical skills, as well as mathematics and communication skills required for future employment.

This pre-apprenticeship course provides knowledge of engineering principles and hands-on experience in basic fabrication techniques, machining processes and welding.

This course uses purpose built workshops to provide hands on training for those seeking a career in the cabinet making, furniture and kitchen manufacturing industries.

Offering an understanding of the nature of plumbing and gas fitting work. Students learn using the latest technology and machinery to ensure they are prepared for an apprenticeship.

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