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At South West TAFE we’ve developed our courses and training facilities to world class standards.

When choosing a training provider, choose the one that can really help you achieve your goals.

As a graduate of our Institute you’d leave with much more than a qualification.

We pride ourselves on producing people who are capable of bringing the latest expertise and thinking to their chosen profession. Our programs provide you with the opportunity to gain the skills that employers are looking for, whether locally or on the world stage.

Graduates of South West TAFE value their qualification and so do employers.

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165 matching results found. Page 1 of 7
165 matching results found. Page 1 of 7
  • Advanced Diploma of Computer Systems Technology (ICA60511)
    National CodeICA60511
    Campuses Warrnambool
    ModesFull Time (1 year)
    Course DescriptionWith business and governments increasingly reliant on IT services, there is a growing need for skilled professionals in this advancing sector. This course provides students with the skills required to enter the specialist technological environment of computer systems and repair. Students will gain a strong understanding of computer systems, networking, security, virtualisation, data communications and operating systems. Upon completing this diploma, students will be eligible to obtain various industry standard qualifications. These additional qualifications can be awarded at the completion of external vendor exams. They include: CCNA, MCITP, CCNP.
  • Advanced Diploma of Management (BSB60407)
    National CodeBSB60407
    Campuses Off Campus
    ModesThis course is self-paced and conducted in a Off Campus mode (distance education) mode.
    Course DescriptionThis course is ideal for those who have managerial responsibilities, or wish to assume them. It is particularly suited to employees who oversee the work of others (or wish to) and to those who provide strategic leadership.
  • Advanced Diploma of Travel and Tourism (SIT60112)
    National CodeSIT60112
    Campuses Online
    Modes Flexible
    Course DescriptionThis qualification reflects the role of individuals operating at a senior level who use a substantial depth of knowledge of the industry and managerial techniques. They have wide-ranging, specialised managerial skills, operate independently and are responsible for making a range of strategic business decisions.
  • Advanced Diploma of Visual Arts (CUV60211)
    National CodeCUV60211
    Campuses Warrnambool
    ModesFull Time (1 year)
    Course DescriptionAdvance your artistic finesse and be supported to produce work for an exhibition. This course equips students with an understanding of contemporary art, collaborative art, promotion and business management skills. Graduates will produce a portfolio for professional use or for applying for further training.
  • Arts Access Program (Certificate III in Visual Arts) (CUV30111)
    National CodeCUV30111
    Campuses Portland, Warrnambool
    ModesFull Time (1 day per week for 10 weeks)
    Course DescriptionArts Access is an ideal program for people who want to explore their creativity in a supportive environment. For those returning to study, our teachers are encouraging, allowing you to build your confidence by experimenting with a range of artistic media and techniques including ceramics, painting, drawing and textiles.
  • Arts Skills Set
    Campuses Warrnambool
    Course DescriptionUpcoming Centre for Creative Arts Courses
    Enhance your creativity with our wide range of arts programs offered through the Centre for Creative Arts. Most courses cater for beginners to more advanced students.
  • Basic Counselling (Short Course)
    Campuses Hamilton (Hammond Street), Portland, Warrnambool
    Modes Short Course
    Course DescriptionA practical short course providing introductory training in the interpersonal skills that are essential for basic counselling and may be applied in other situations where someone requires support and understanding.
  • Build Your First Website with Tim Umney (Short Course)
    Campuses Warrnambool
    Modes Short Course
    Course DescriptionDiscover and explore the basics of website design and the associated technologies. Join our experienced facilitator Tim Umney, to learn how websites and the Internet work and examine a range of methods to create your own website.
  • Certificate I In General Education For Adults (Introductory)
    National Code21771VIC
    Campuses Warrnambool
    ModesPart time one day per week
    Course DescriptionThis course is designed to assist people with a range of special learning needs. It supports students who want to engage with their community, while learning basic reading, writing, maths, computing and life skills. It also focuses on helping students understand their social rights and responsibilities.
  • Certificate I in General Education for Adults (YARP)(Youth Access Re-Engagement Program) (22236VIC)
    National Code21772VIC
    Campuses Hamilton (Hammond Street), Portland, Warrnambool
    ModesPart Time 3-6 months
    Course DescriptionThe YARP Program is unique to South West TAFE. Like many of our specialised programs, it was developed in response to community need and interest. This course aims to re-engage young people (aged 16-19 years) into education and encourage them to return to training. It presents students with a range of educational options, helps them progress to further study (if they desire) and enables them to re-connect with their community. YARP is an individualised 1:1 program with no formal classes. The program includes; individual goal setting, career advice, course advice, individual support with literacy and numeracy and participation in set project work. It utilises the Certificate in General Education for Adults as the curriculum framework for student learning.
  • Certificate I in Spoken and Written English - English as a Second Language
    National Code10362NAT
    Campuses Warrnambool
    ModesDependent on each individual
    Course DescriptionSouth West TAFE offers a range of Certificates in Spoken and Written English. Each is pitched a different level. Students are able to progress from one level to the next. Each certificate will help you learn English that is useful for your day-to-day life in Australia. Throughout each course, you will improve your speaking, pronunciation, listening, reading and writing. This course incorporates the Certificate I in Spoken and Written English (10362NAT), Certificate II in Spoken and Written English (10363NAT), Certificate III in Spoken and Written English (10364NAT).
  • Certificate I in Transition Education (22129VIC)
    National Code22129VIC
    Campuses Portland, Warrnambool
    ModesPart time (2 years)
    Course DescriptionThe Certificate I in Transition Education provides post school educational options for people who have individual and/or special learning needs. Its main focus is on enabling learners to find the most appropriate option for them in the community after leaving school and enable them to develop skills, passions and interests.
    This program is designed for people with a disability who have specific learning needs like: Intellectual disability, learning disabilities and/or difficulties, developmental delay or specific disorders like autism spectrum or ADHD.
    Classes are designed to develop the skills of the individual so that they can move into an adult role in the community in an independent way.
    Transition offers students the following; daily access to technology, small class sizes with support, self expression through visual arts, performing arts addressed through music and drama, cooking, literacy and maths activities based on life skills, social development and interaction.
  • Certificate I in Work Education (22128VIC)
    National Code22128VIC
    Campuses Hamilton (Hammond Street), Portland, Warrnambool
    ModesFull Time (2 years)
    Course DescriptionLearners with special needs often desire extra help to transition from a secondary school environment into the workplace. Fortunately, the Certificate I Work Education provides adult learners with a range of subjects to prepare them for employment. This program is specifically designed for people with a disability who have specific learning needs. This might include an intellectual or learning disability/ difficulty, developmental delay, or specific disorders like Autism spectrum and ADHD.
  • Certificate II in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care (HLT20113)
    National CodeHLT20113
    Campuses Warrnambool
    Course Description

    To contribute to the advancement of Health outcomes for Aboriginal communities and individuals and to bring these standards to a level equal to those enjoyed by the rest of the population within Australia by the empowerment of Aboriginal Health Workers through:

    • The provision of education and training for Aboriginal Health Workers within Primary Health Care which promotes culturally appropriate, competent, safe and professional services and programs for and with Aboriginal people and their communities.
    • That the provision of knowledge, skills and attitudes will enable Aboriginal Health Workers to bring about change and facilitate self-determination. Provide professional knowledge, skills and attitudes which will enable Aboriginal people to take leadership roles in the management, development and operation of health programs, projects and within their organisations and communities. To provide future career pathways and options for students who successfully complete Certificate II in Aboriginal and/or Torres Strait Islander Primary Health Care
  • Certificate II in Agriculture (AHC20110)
    National CodeAHC20110
    Campuses Blended Delivery
    Modes Traineeship
    Course DescriptionThis qualification provides an entry level occupational outcome in agriculture. Qualification can suit a mixed farming enterprise and can include livestock, property maintenance, including fencing, OHS, machinery operation including tractors and quad bikes as well as communication and first aid.
  • Certificate II in Automotive Studies (Pre-Apprenticeship) (22015VIC)
    National Code22015VIC
    Campuses Hamilton (Hammond Street), Portland, Warrnambool
    ModesPart Time (3 days a week over 6 months)
    Course DescriptionThis a great course for those wanting to gain some base-level skills upon which to build. It is also ideal for those who want to test the waters to determine whether they are suited to being a mechanic. South West TAFE offers a pre-apprenticeship program which provides general knowledge, mechanical skills and hands-on workshop experience in basic automotive functions and vehicle systems. This is a great staring point and knowledge of this nature is never wasted.
  • Certificate II In Automotive Mechanical - Air Conditioning (AUR20705)
    National CodeAUR20705
    Campuses Warrnambool
    Course DescriptionMany motor mechanics and auto technicians find they have ‘gaps’ in their training. This course allows such people to meet the licencing requirements of the Australian Refrigeration Council. Participants will gain the skills required to repair, service or install air-conditioning systems in cars, trucks and busses, as well as agricultural and heavy plant equipment. Upon completion of this course, you can apply for the AAC02 Automotive Air-Conditioning Licence that allows you to handle a refrigerant for any work on air conditioning equipment. The course equips you with the skills needed to undertake work within the Automotive and Marine servicing and repair industries.
  • Certificate II in Building and Construction (Carpentry) (Pre-Apprenticeship) (22216VIC)
    National Code22216VIC
    Campuses Sherwood Park
    ModesFull Time (Monday - Thursday, 16 weeks)
    Course DescriptionIf you’re seeking a career in carpentry and want to learn your skills from industry experts, South West TAFE’s Certificate II in Building & Construction (Carpentry) will prove an ideal starting place. The course will develop your ‘hand-skills’ to an acceptable industry standard. Students will acquire these skills by participating in a number of interesting and worthwhile projects. For example, they will construct a full-size domestic house or similar structure from ground to completion. Graduates may pursue apprenticeships and traineeships in the building industry.
  • Certificate II in Community Services (CHC20112)
    National CodeCHC20112
    Campuses Portland, Warrnambool
    ModesPart time (3 days per week for 6 months)
    Course DescriptionYour introduction to the community services field, this course offers an insight into various areas of community services such as aged care, disability, mental health, and drug and alcohol areas. It allows you to get hands-on through event coordination and participation. Delivered part-time (three days a week) over a six-month period, the course may be used as a pathway qualification into further community services study, for example, Certificate III in Aged Care and Home & Community Care or Certificate III or Diploma of Community Services Work.
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies (Pre-Apprenticeship) (21887VIC)
    National Code21887VIC
    Campuses Warrnambool
    ModesFull Time (16 weeks)
    Course DescriptionThe Electrical Pre-Apprenticeship provides students with knowledge of electrical fundamentals and practical skills required to work with a qualified electrician. Graduates of this course are ideally situated to obtain employment and gain an apprenticeship in the electrical industry. During this course, students will learn how electrical circuits operate , improve hand skills required of electricians, explore common electrical tasks including: installing power points, running cables, connecting lighting circuits. Students will also have assistance with resume writing, communication skills and contacting prospective employers.
  • Certificate II in Engineering Studies (Pre-Apprenticeship) (22019VIC)
    National Code22019VIC
    Campuses Portland
    ModesFull Time (6 months)
    Course DescriptionThis pre-apprenticeship course provides knowledge of engineering principles and hands-on experience in basic fabrication techniques, machining processes and welding. Graduates may pursue careers in fabrication or mechanical engineering apprenticeships and traineeships.
  • Certificate II in Furniture Making (Pre-Apprenticeship)(LMF20309)
    National CodeLMF20309
    Campuses Sherwood Park
    ModesPart Time or Flexible Delivery
    Course DescriptionIf you are considering a career in the furniture or building trades, this course is likely to appeal to you. It will allow you to become skilled in the use of hand and power tools, while teaching you about safety, timber joints and construction, assembly and the operation of woodworking. One of the primary advantages of this course is that the skills it teaches can be broadly applied to anything from furniture making to kitchen cabinetry. Another great thing about this course is that it provides an excellent pathway to higher-level qualifications.
  • Certificate II In General Education For Adults (22237VIC)
    National Code21773VIC
    Campuses Warrnambool
    Modes Part Time
    Course DescriptionMany adults find they struggle in one or more life or work areas. Perhaps their reading and writing is holding them back. Or their maths and computer skills aren’t as advanced as they could be. Often those who leave school early worry that their skills in some areas could use a bit of work. If you have concerns about any of the issues mentioned above, this course might be what you’re looking for. It will provide you with general education skills in reading, writing, oral communication (speaking), maths and computing.
  • Certificate II in Hairdressing (Pre-Apprenticeship) (SIH20111)
    National CodeSIH20111
    Campuses Warrnambool
    ModesFull Time, Flexible Delivery
    Course DescriptionA great course to see if a career in hairdressing is right for you. Students will learn a range of hairdressing tasks including interacting with customers and providing customer service, following workplace safety procedures, demonstrating effective hairdressing environment work practices, providing assistance to colleagues’ and developing hairdressing industry knowledge.
  • Certificate II in Horticulture (AHC20410) (Traineeship)
    National CodeAHC20410
    Course DescriptionThis course is suited to someone with an interest in horticulture and is likely to be involved in a general range of horticultural tasks and working under some supervision. Students cover a range topics which may include plant recognition, pruning, renovating grassed areas and treating weeds.
Course Finder
  • While sorting through the various courses and study options available, consider a training provider who can deliver you the most benefits. At South West TAFE, we don’t just tick boxes to hand out qualifications. Our programs are real opportunities for you to gain the skills employers are looking for.
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