E-Learning Projects

South West TAFE is well recognised in its commitment to providing the highest quality educational outcomes.

We were awarded Large Training Provider of the Year in 2011, have received industry partnership awards for innovation (2015 Victorian Industry Collaboration Award for our work with Lyndoch) and we continue to aspire to be at the forefront of educational provision.

Our student cohorts include trainees and apprentices, industry-based students, intra and interstate students, off-shore students across a range of countries, as well as a large regional catchment of school students from in the western region of Victoria.

We support our learners, educators, and specialist staff by engaging in projects and digital innovation solutions that enhance the learner experience, increase opportunities to engage with learners and the community, and simplify processes and tasks for trainers, teachers, assessors and specialist staff.

We engage with technology to underpin innovative practices and pedagogical approaches that continuously adapt to serve our organisation and regional community.

The following projects in 2017 are just a sample of the digital transformation in education that South West TAFE is investing:

Teaching and Learning online - with support from the VET Development Centre

The project directly aligns to our 2017 Teaching and Learning; to increase our staff capability as we move our workforce towards digital solutions for practices that are no longer serving us, our students, and industry in the best possible way.

We have worked intensively to develop our TAS templates that reflect program design and delivery, incorporating the crucial aspects of industry engagement informing unit selection, cohort descriptions to inform teaching practice, unit selection, student support and LLN requirements and strategies to support learners.

This is a comprehensive workforce development program that will involve consultation with all teaching and assessing staff and select service teams, and will include key areas of industry consultation, cohort descriptions, delivery models and all other necessary information to assist quality-focused, best-practice learning and teaching.

This project will culminate in the design of single digital workflow to populate TAS documents electronically, where the relevant information is collected, fields populated and stored digitally.

Blended learning and teaching technologies

South West TAFE, with the support of global information technology giant Cisco Systems are undertaking significant restorative projects to attract, retain and service the communities of South West and Western Victoria.

Through the 2016 Smart Classroom project, we installed digital presences at all of our campuses with the single aim of allowing learners to access high quality training from any major campus, and from anywhere with an internet connection.

In 2017 was the start of the Smart Teaching project underpinning nine separate and unique programs running across the major campuses (as of April 2017), with an expansion into the Colac region.

The foundation of Smart Teaching lies not in the technology itself (although ease of use and transparency of technology were a crucial deliverable); but in evolving our teaching practices to make use of this “high-value” time where we can interact “face-to-face” with the students.

The program works from course design, taking in strategies to engage and retain learners, delivery models and methodologies, templates for preparation and delivery, and mentoring from Senior Educators that observe classes to provide support and feedback to the teacher to enhance their program.

Digital transformation

We are concurrently running multiple projects and initiatives to enrich the learning experience for our students, to ease administrative loads on teaching staff, and to streamline and de-clutter processes for specialist staff.

Paperless assessment: Using iPads, South West TAFE staff undertaking training and assessment have access to all of their assessment documents, enabling them to complete the documentation, provide feedback, and obtain student signoff electronically. The completed documentation is then sent back to the specialist staff to process.

Professional Profile: Professional Profile is a bespoke software product created by South West TAFE to allow teachers to manage their own teaching qualifications, professional development activities and industry interaction. Professional Profile also provides a portal for teaching staff to map the units of competency that they deliver against their own qualifications and experience to meet quality benchmarks.

Video and enhanced delivery: South West TAFE is consolidating the use of multimedia in its delivery to enhance the learning experience for students studying in all modes. We have been recording and pre-recording classes for students to revisit, recording demonstrations for pre-class study and flipped methodologies, and the capture of subject specialists, industry experts and guest speakers for use in delivery and study.