Pivot Career Navigator

Pivot is an online career-navigation tool that helps you think about and prepare for the future of work.
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Pivot Career Navigator can be used at any stage of your career.

The prototype generates individualised results to help you explore the skills you’ve developed through work and study, the areas of work (job clusters) that match your skills and interests, and the employment opportunities available to you, and others, in South West Victoria.

While Pivot can be used by anyone, it was made especially for South West Victoria. The aim is to increase the long-term employability of current and future workers and to better meet the immediate needs of employers in the region.

Pivot can help industry with workforce planning and our current and future students to think about the world of work differently, and be excited about navigating a lifetime of careers.

How do clusters help when thinking about career pathways?
There is a significant opportunity for current and future workers to transition between jobs in clusters, by understanding what their transferable skill set is and how to apply it across jobs.

Many jobs will still require specific technical skills or subject matter expertise. However, by picking up many of the core technical skills in a job cluster, alongside enterprise skills, workers are able to transition across jobs in a cluster.

Building enterprise and technical skills within a job cluster can enable workers to access jobs of the future within that cluster.

Try Pivot for yourself or come in and see us at the Skills & Jobs Centre to gain some one-on-one advice.

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