What is JobTrainer?

JobTrainer is a joint Commonwealth and Victorian Government initiative which seeks to increase access to low-cost training to young people and job seekers. JobTrainer compliments other training opportunities such as Free TAFE (which we also offer here at SWTAFE), so if you’re looking to skill up there are a number of avenues worth exploring.

How does JobTrainer affect course fees?

Eligible students enrolling in a JobTrainer course will only be charged 20% of the standard course tuition fee unless the course is also a Free TAFE course where they will not pay any tuition fees. This applies to enrolments at any Australian Qualifications Framework level (AQF), including Diplomas and Advanced Diplomas. Material and resources fees still apply. 

How does this compare to Free TAFE?

Eligible students enrolling in a Free TAFE course do not pay any tuition fees. Material and resources costs still apply. 

I've completed a Free TAFE course previously, am I still eligible for a JobTrainer place?

Yes, if you're eligible for a JobTrainer place, you will be able to complete another Free TAFE course

When does JobTrainer start and finish?

Students can enrol in JobTrainer from 25 November 2020. 

Who is eligible for JobTrainer?

A person can participate under JobTrainer if they are:

  • An Australian Citizen, permanent resident, a new Zealand citizen or asylum seeker


  • 17 to 24 years old when the course starts; or
  • a job seeker of any age.

Proof of age or evidence of job seeker status will be required.

Can apprentices and trainees do JobTrainer?

Apprentices, school-based apprentices and school-based trainees are not eligible for JobTrainer.
Trainees completing a JobTrainer traineeship are eligible - if they fulfil the age and/or jobseeker criteria.

What are the eligibility exemptions under JobTrainer?

The normal Skills First eligibility criteria apply to JobTrainer but with two exceptions;

  • no upskilling requirement, and
  • no ‘two at level in a lifetime’ limit.

Students can only enrol in one full qualification under JobTrainer. However, students who have previously used their Free TAFE entitlement can enrol in a second Free TAFE course under JobTrainer.
Students who commence a Free TAFE course under JobTrainer who have not previously used their Free TAFE entitlement, will remain entitled to use it for one more Free TAFE course in the future.

Which courses are included in JobTrainer?

JobTrainer courses have been chosen to meet the priority needs of the Victorian economy.

At present, JobTrainer is only available to those undertaking a full qualification However, a list of skill sets is being developed and will be available under the JobTrainer initiative next year.  It does not apply to short courses.
All Free TAFE courses are included in the JobTrainer course list. However, there are additional courses funded by JobTrainer that are not part of the Free TAFE initiative.

Are JobTrainer spots limited?

Yes. SWTAFE has been allocated a set number of JobTrainer funded places. Once these places fill, we will not be able to offer the JobTrainer concession to students.