Student representative council

Join our student representative council to share your ideas and help shape your student community. You help us, to better help you.
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What does the council do?

  • Represent all South West TAFE students.
  • Bring together students and staff in a shared sense of community.
  • Encourage student health, wellness and involvement.
  • Be a place of shared decision making

Who can join?

Any student enrolled at South West TAFE can nominate to join the council. We currently have 2 positions available for students studying:

  • at the Colac campus
  • at the Hamilton campus
  • at the Portland campus
  • at the Sherwood Park campus
  • at the Warrnambool campus
  • in the workplace

How can I join?

Once you are successfully enrolled in a South West TAFE course, you can self-nominate online here.

How does the selection work?

  • You will be required to self-nominate for the council via our website.
  • If more than two students are nominated or volunteer from the same study location, an election will take place with all students from that group being invited to cast a vote via an electronic survey.
  • Vacant positions may be filled mid-term if an interested student comes forward.
  • Student reps are not employees of SWTAFE and are not authorised to provide any counselling, advice or support to students. All issues raised that are in breach of the student code of conduct or are of any concern Reps are asked to discuss these matters with the Manager Student services ASAP.
  • The council does not replace any existing methods of feedback, complaints or requests for support.

What would be required of our student representative?

  • join on campus events to engage with students
  • proactively engage with all students and record thoughts, issues, opportunities for improvements and compliments
  • you will be supported by our Student Services team
  • you can raise issues directly with the Manger of Student Services at any time

More about the council meetings

  • Council meetings will be once a term
  • All Student Representatives of the council will join the meeting with our Executive Management team and our Student Services Manager
  • Meetings will be held at a different campus each time
  • Student representatives will be required to attend the meeting in person or via video conference
  • At the meeting, you will be asked to provide a short summary representing your student cohort

Find out more

If you have any questions or want to find out more about the student representative council, contact:

Glenn McKenzie
Phone: (03) 5564 8840
Mobile: 0478 332 289

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