NEW Learning & Library Hub
NEW Learning & Library Hub

A new Learning and Library Hub is coming to Warrnambool!

South West TAFE and the Warrnambool City Council have joined together to deliver a state-of-the-art learning and library hub for the people of Warrnambool.

The Victorian Government is partnering with Warrnambool City Council and South West TAFE to deliver the $20.25 million Warrnambool Learning and Library Hub.

The new building will replace the existing library in Liebig Street, with library members and visitors able to enjoy all the current library services in new, larger, modern and accessible spaces. It will provide more spaces for meetings, social activities and programs.

The new Learning and Library Hub will be a social space for interaction and knowledge exchange with free access to computers, study areas, learning and play opportunities for children.

The hub will be located on the South West TAFE campus (see image).

Community consultation

Over the coming months there will be a range of opportunities for the Warrnambool and surrounding communities to share their vision, ideas and opinions during the lifespan of the project, and the public will be notified when the consultation phase begins.

Frequently asked questions

What is a ‘Learning and Library Hub’?
This exciting new community space in the CBD will be a place that brings together library facilities and other new services to meet the needs of both the community and South West TAFE students and staff, in new and refurbished buildings at the TAFE’s Warrnambool Campus.
The hub will house our new community library, along with the latest technology, resource materials and shared spaces to expand and improve educational facilities and provide better access for residents, visitors and South West TAFE students and staff.

Where will the new Leaning and Library Hub be located?
The hub will be located centrally on South West TAFE’s Warrnambool campus (see image above).

When will the new facilities be opened?
It is expected that the facilities will open early to mid-2022.

Who is responsible for the Learning and Library Hub if it is on the SWTAFE campus?
While South West TAFE will own the facility, Warrnambool City Council will manage it. The library will be part of a range of services available to the community, and SWTAFE’s students and staff.

When will the community consultation commence?
It is expected that consultation will commence in the coming months. Information about when the community consultation process will begin will be advertised in local press and online.

Will local tradespeople be employed during the construction phase?
Under the Local Jobs First network, there is a requirement that government-funded projects include a quota of local contractors and suppliers, as determined by the local industry development plan.

More information

For further information about the new hub, visit the website of Warrnambool City Council or South West TAFE or view the below brochures:

You can also stay up to date with the latest news on the Learning and Library hub below.
If there is anything you would like clarified, please get in touch: WCC 5559 4800 or SWTAFE 1300 648 911

The proposed location of the new Learning and Library Hub in Warrnambool on the South West TAFE campus
The project timeline for the new Learning and Library Hub in Warrnambool