Disability Support

We are committed to providing equal access to opportunities for students with a disability and ensuring that suitable and reasonable adjustments are agreed upon collaboratively. The support provided to all students with an eligible disability at South West TAFE is organised and monitored through Disability Services.

Services are available to students who identify as having a temporary or permanent disability.  

These may include one or more of the following:

  • physical disability
  • visual or hearing impairment
  • mental health condition
  • learning disability
  • intellectual disability
  • medical condition
  • permanent cognitive delay
  • chronic illness
  • speech/communication impairment

Disability Services staff will work collaboratively with eligible students to develop an individualised Support Plan which will outline reasonable adjustments. The services provided will vary according to the needs of each student and the course requirements.

These supports may include the following;

  • pre-enrolment information and enrolment assistance
  • orientation to the organization and introduction to key staff members
  • advice regarding physical access
  • liaison with teachers
  • participation assistance
  • Australian Sign Language (Auslan) interpreters
  • alternative formatting of class materials
  • assessment accommodations
  • access to software, technology and equipment that enhances learning
  • referral to other support services, e.g. counselling and welfare

If greater supports are required, students have the opportunity to utilise any state or federal funding to assist them in a more individualised approach.

NDIS Support

For further information on what we can offer you visit NDIS Support.