IT Support

Make the most of our information and technology resources offered to all students while studying with SWTAFE.

ICT Student Support

If you need help with any IT while studying remotely, our ICT can help.
Call: 55648976

Studying through WebEx

The below links will help guide you through setting up WebEx on your computer and how to use it for studying.

Computers and internet access

All users of the SWTAFE network need to have a username (User ID) and password.

When you enrol and are issued with a student card you will also be issued with a letter which tells you what your user ID is, what your initial password is, and what you need to do with them so that you can log on to the network.

The password on the letter needs to be changed the first time you log on. If you don’t change it, you will be unable to logon next time.

You can go to the Customer Service Centre at any campus and ask for your logon/password to be reset. You will need to have your student card with you to identify yourself, or another form of photo ID.

Internet access is available via the wireless network and on all networked computers in the classrooms and SLC. Inappropriate use will result in restrictions on the student’s use.

Computers are available for student use in the library and laptops are also available for overnight or weekend loan.

You are able to bring your own device to any of our campuses and access our wireless network free of charge. For assistance in accessing the network, please speak with our ICT or library staff.

We provide a wireless network which is available at each campus for you to use. You can configure your own personal devices to access the network.

If you choose to bring your own laptops and devices you do so at your own risk and are responsible for the security of these items.

South West TAFE Online

South West TAFE Online (Moodle) is a box of tools in an easy to use online platform for use by learners and teachers. Moodle is the preferred learning management system at SWTAFE and is used for housing our online courses, teaching resources, assessments and teaching communications.

Moodle supports the delivery of your online learning activities and allows your teachers to publish and upload course resources and assessments ready for you to access.

Moodle is an acronym for Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment. Your teacher will advise if SWTAFE Online will be used in your classes.

Your student ID and network password will be required for SWTAFE Online.
Contact your teacher in regards to SWTAFE Online issues or assistance.