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Dominic finds his passion for a hands-on career

/ Success Story
Since starting his studies at South West TAFE Dominic McCosh has gained part-time employment at Mitre 10 and is now well on his way to earning a building apprenticeship.
SWTAFE building and construction apprentice Dominic

The 16-year-old started the Certificate II in Building and Construction in March after realising he wanted to work in a hands-on career.

“School wasn’t really for me but I had always been interested in trades. It’s in the family. Most of my family members are tradies so I thought I’d give building a go,” he said.

Dominic said he had learnt so many new skills and the opportunity to work on a full-size house at South West TAFE was such a great learning experience.

He said he felt confident that the skills he had learnt would set him up well for an apprenticeship.

Dominic is now working towards an apprenticeship with the assistance of the South West TAFE teaching staff.

He said his teachers had helped him gain employment at Mitre 10, and had put him in contact with builders looking for apprentices.

“This is just giving me so many options and is a way better fit for me. I’m only 16 now so my goal is to become a qualified builder by the time I’m 20,” he said.

Dominic said the Certificate II had given him a great taste of working in the building industry and had given him the enthusiasm to continue on that path.

Dominic McCosh studied the Certificate II in Building and Construction at South West TAFE