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Peyton gains new skills and the confidence to consider further study

/ Success Story
A course at South West TAFE has given Peyton Smith independence, friendship, new skills and the confidence to consider further study.
SWTAFE student on campus

Peyton was in year 12 when she heard about the Certificate I in Transition Education at a careers expo and after touring the campus she was confident about starting the course.

“I am really enjoying the course. I have met new people and made new friends. I am participating in all the tasks that range from maths, technology, participating in the community, being creative and reading,” she said.

She said her maths skills were improving and she was really enjoying researching on the computers, reading and a creative unit which included drawing, colouring and designing.

“But the best thing of all is that I am feeling independent,” she said.

Peyton said her teachers, Jo and Kerry, were fabulous and were constantly helping her and including her in all activities and setting challenging work.

“We also have support workers in class who are there to help all the students. I feel very supported,” she said.

This year Peyton even helped to plan a group excursion to Gateway Plaza which involved writing notes to families, studying bus timetables and researching morning tea options.

She said her goal was now to pass and receive her Certificate in Transition Education which would give her the confidence to look into new courses at South West TAFE.

Peyton Smith studied the Certificate I in Transition Education at South West TAFE