To claim concession fees on your course tuition a valid concession card must be provided prior to your course commencing. 

If you provide your concession after your enrolment, provided it is valid at the course commencement date, you may be eligible to apply for the reduced rate for a portion of your enrolled units.

Any card that starts after your course commencement date will not be able to be applied to your fees.

To apply your concession to your tuition fees you must be:

  • Applying for an accredited course and eligible for a Skills First place in a Certificate I to IV course for which you are enrolling.


  • In receipt of a valid Health Care Card, Pensioner Concession Card or Veterans Gold Card (or their dependent children or spouse) at the time of enrolment.

Upon proof of eligible concession your tuition fees will be reduced to an amount of 20 percent of the original Skills First fee rate.

Digital Wallet

Digital Wallet is a feature on Centrelink Express Plus mobile apps enabling customers to use their smart device as an alternative to physical concession cards.

It allows customers to use a digital copy of their concession card on their smart device as an alternative to physical concession cards.

For more information, visit

If you have the Digital Wallet enabled on your mobile device, you may present your concession via this application to the enrolling officer. The enrolling officer will still be required to make a copy so will need to have it emailed to

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Concession Fee Guidelines