NDIS Programs - Expression of Interest Form

If you are interested in expressing your interest for an NDIS program with South West Disability Services, please submit the form below.

By completing this form and returning it to South West Disability Services, you are submitting your expression of interest for the below NDIS Program of Supports.

Once SWDS has received your form we will begin the intake process into the programs that have available spaces. For those programs which are at capacity, we will place you on the wait list.

If you only express interest in Term 1 programs you will need to complete a separate EOI process prior to the beginning of each term. See EOI closing dates for more information

Contact details
Kickstarts daily program, Monday - Friday 8am - 9am
You can participate in one or multiple days of the week.

Uplifters daily program, Monday - Friday 3pm - 5pm
You can participate in one or multiple days of the week.

Monday, 9am - 3pm

Tuesday, 9am - 3pm

Wednesday, 9am - 3pm

Thursday, 9am - 3pm

Friday, 9am - 3pm

Strive Program
Each day, Monday - Friday during school holiday breaks

After submitting this form, you will receive an acknowledgment via email that we have received your expression of interest form. SWDS will then send you a text following the closing date to advise of which programs you are engaging in and which waitlists you may be on. A service Schedule will then be developed for you to sign.