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An update from SWTAFE

On Wednesday 12 June 2024 further industrial action will take place at SWTAFE.

The stop work will affect classes between 11am and 12pm and 1pm and 2pm.  This follows the Australian Education Union’s (AEU) recent vote in favor of taking protected industrial action (PIA). 

SWTAFE is doing all it can to support students and to reduce the impact that the stop work will have on 12 June.  Some classes that fall between 11am and 2pm on 12 June will be supervised by an alternative teacher. All courses will run as scheduled.

The AEU has also foreshadowed a 2-hour stop work in July and a 24-hour ban in August.  We are working to minimise the disruption that this will cause.

We recognise the right of a team member to choose whether to participate in protected industrial action and respect the right of staff to express their voice. 

We encourage the AEU to return to negotiations.

Should you have any questions about this please contact the below:


Students: Kathy Hall, Director of Education, via or 5564 8832. 

VET DSS Students or Schools: Louise Cameron, Executive Manager, Education via or 5564 8940.

Employers of Trainee or Apprentices: Louise Cameron, Executive Manager, Education via or 5564 8940.

Staff: People and Culture via or contact Emma Fitzgibbon on 5564 8771. 


Do staff have to disclose if they are planning to stop work?

We recognise the right of a team member to choose whether to participate in protected industrial action and respect the right of staff to express their voice. 

Staff do not have to tell us in advance if they are planning on participating in industrial action. However, if asked directly after the industrial action, staff should disclose if they did participate.

Most teachers have good relationships with students and their faculty colleagues and will volunteer whether they are participating in the stop work or not.

Isn’t there a risk of non-participating teachers ending up with no students in their classes?

Every effort is being made to communicate with students in a clear and timely manner. 

In some cases, it is not possible to provide detailed notice on what classes will go ahead, what other activities will be held during class times (i.e. bbq’s or social activities) and what classes will be cancelled because teachers are not required to give advance notice of their intention to participate in the industrial action.

Should we be telling students to come to campus on Wednesday 12 June?

Generally yes.  While there is a high likelihood of disruption to teaching during the middle of the day, classes will take place outside the stop work times between 11am and 12 noon and 1pm and 2pm.

We strongly recommend that students attend all other classes during the day to keep up with course work.

What can we tell students about how this will impact them?

Every effort is being made for students to make up what is missed so that they can meet their course requirements.  This may take some time to work out at an individual class level – we appreciate the patience of staff and students.

Are media expected to film the stop work?

Media are likely to attend some campuses, and that some staff may take footage of industrial action to share on social media.

Institutes are under no obligation to allow media on campus, however, should not disrupt their activity on surrounding areas (e.g. near a campus entry) as long as the focus is on participating teachers and not students or other staff who may not want to be filmed.