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Emily achieves her dream to become a hairdresser

/ Success Story
EMILY Huismann has wanted to be a hairdresser since the age of five.
Emily Huismann

“Two years ago, I did the VET course. It was a dual certificate in retail, cosmetics and salon assistance. At the time I was more interested in cosmetics, but that course made me realise I wanted to go into hairdressing,” she said.

Emily enrolled in the Certificate III in Hairdressing at South West TAFE and said she loved that hairdressing was such a creative industry.

She said she enjoyed the training at South West TAFE and the variety of skills and techniques they were able to learn.

“We are learning new things constantly. It’s not the same every day and we’re getting great experience in the salon,” she said.

Emily was rewarded for her hard work by being named the Certificate III in Hairdressing Student of the Year at South West TAFE’s Pure Awards recently.

She said that once she was qualified she was hoping to continue her education and hopefully work in a salon using her creativity.