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Jack's passion for the water drives career

/ Success Story
JACK Olver has grown up working on his family’s fishing boats so gaining a marine qualification was always on the cards.
Jack Maritime

“When I was at school I was always working on charter boats and on my family’s commercial fishing boats so I built up a lot of time at sea in my holidays.

“I love being on the water. It’s in my blood,” he said.

After completing year 12, Jack went on to study and work as a refrigeration mechanic.

He then spent some time working on the crab season in Tasmanian waters with his grandfather where the majority of his time was spent at sea.

“I just loved it and my grandfather did too,” he said.

Jack said he had always planned on completing his Master 5 and after returning from the crab season it was the perfect time, as he had also been fortunate in gaining an electrical apprenticeship.

He said he loved the course and being able to work on weekends as a skipper was a great opportunity.

“A Master 5 is a great ticket to have. If you have a marine qualification it is a great addition to any trade,” he said.

Once he finishes his electrical apprenticeship, Jack has plans to bring his qualifications together and gain his Marine Engine Driver Grade 1 licence.

“There are big opportunities for people with a dual trade, especially if you have the addition of a marine qualification. I’d recommend anyone in a trade to look at marine training,” he said.

Jack working as a marine electrician