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Matthew steps up to gain maritime qualification

/ Success Story
Matthew Smith had always loved the maritime industry but only recently gained the qualification to further his career.
Matthew Smith Aqua Jack

“I have always worked in the fishing industry but I thought it was time to step up and get a qualification to start driving.

“I gained my Master 5 and Marine Engine Drivers qualifications through South West TAFE right here in Portland which was great,” he said.

Matthew is now employed by a local fishing company and he works and drives for three different cray and shark boats.

“I loved the training I received in this course. It was more than just sitting in a classroom looking at books and the teachers were awesome.

“I got so much out of it and want to encourage the younger generation of fishermen to do the same,” he said.

Matthew now has plans to continue his studies to add to the skills he has already gained.

Matthew steps up to gain maritime qualification