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Nathan follows his passion for fixing things

/ Success Story
Nathan Lees has always enjoyed fixing things and now he counts himself lucky that he gets to do it every day for a living.
Nathan Lees

He was in year 10 at Emmanuel College when one of his teachers suggested trying a VET Delivered to Secondary Schools (VET DSS) course in automotive.

“My teacher got all of the paperwork and everything organised for me which was great.

“It was something I was always interested in. I was always outside fixing things,” he said.

After completing his VET DSS course, Nathan left school in year 11 and successfully gained an apprenticeship at West Coast Service Centre in Warrnambool.

Nathan said his VETDSS course was extremely helpful as it gave him the basic skills and knowledge before starting his apprenticeship.

Now in the third year of his apprenticeship, Nathan said he loved what he was doing and enjoyed the challenge and satisfaction he got from pulling something apart, finding the problem and fixing it.

Nathan said he would definitely recommend a VETDSS course to anyone considering it.

“You can’t go wrong. You’ll never know if you don’t give it a try,” he said.

Nathan is now looking to continue to further his knowledge in repair jobs.

Nathan follows his passion for fixing things
Nathan working on a car