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Nikki wins top Hamilton VCAL award

South West TAFE’s top achieving Hamilton VCAL students have been awarded as they celebrate the completion of their studies with their classmates.
South West TAFE's VCAL Senior Hamilton campus class graduating

Students from Warrnambool, Hamilton, Portland and Colac VCAL (Victorian Certificate of Applied Learning) courses were presented with their awards in class this week to mark the completion of their studies for 2020.

Nikki McNamara was named Hamilton’s Senior VCAL Student of the Year. Her teachers said during her studies she moved from Warrnambool to Hamilton and showed resilience and persistence to overcome significant challenges and complete her Senior VCAL studies.

Sophie Trotter was named the Foundation VCAL Student of the Year, while Mitchell Cragg was named the Intermediate VCAL Student of the Year.

South West TAFE VCAL Senior Educator Rodney Symons said the celebration was all about recognising the efforts the students have put in throughout the entire year.

“It was unfortunate that we weren’t able to hold a large event with the students and their families and friends like we have in previous years but we felt it was more important than ever to highlight the great achievements of our students this year,” he said.

“It’s been a challenging year for everyone but we’ve had high enrolments, our courses are growing and our students have achieved outstanding results. We want to celebrate all of that,” he said.

South West TAFE Executive Manager of Education Louise Cameron said it was wonderful to see the organisation’s VCAL students achieving success.

“It is really important to have an alternative option such as VCAL to allow students to have the opportunity to complete their high school education.

“South West TAFE offers a range of courses that provide the skills, knowledge and confidence for students to gain employment.

“Students who study at TAFE and go on to further studies in higher education have a lot of advantages as they have learnt the practical skills, have an understanding of their industry and are work ready on completion of their degree,” she said.