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Rosemary follows her heart to her dream career

/ Success Story
Rosemary Wilson waited for her time to study and now loves that she gets to care for the environment as a job.
Rosemary Wilson

A decision to follow her heart and study a Diploma of Conservation and Land Management has landed Rosemary Wilson her dream job.
Rosemary had always had a passion for conservation and the natural environment but waited until her children had grown up, before taking her own opportunity to study.
She was working in the education and disability sectors while she studied and was thrilled to gain a job as a team leader for Conservation Volunteers Australia before her course even finished.
“I can’t believe it. I just love what I do and that I get to care for the environment every day as my job,” she said.
While working with Conservation Volunteers Australia, Rosemary engages with people who have found it difficult to find work, older members of the local community and international visitors who are all volunteers.
She has redirected some of these volunteers into training with one student returning to complete his schooling at TAFE and finding his own dream career.
Rosemary said she was now looking at how she could combine her conservation work with her previous disability work.
“I’m so proud of what I’ve been able to achieve. It’s now inspired me to go on to further study,” she said.
Rosemary was also thrilled to be awarded the Vocational Student of the Year at South West TAFE’s Graduation and Awards ceremony in March.