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VCAL ignited Courtney's interest in learning

/ Success Story
A love for history and ancient Egypt is pushing Courtney Earls to continue her studies and learn as much as she can.
VCAL student studying on laptop

Courtney attended Warrnambool College and then Warrnambool Special Development School where teachers put her in touch with South West TAFE.

She discovered the VCAL programs at South West TAFE and said they had reignited her interest in learning.

“I was struggling to keep up in mainstream school, but VCAL at TAFE was more relaxed and flexible which really suited me,” she said.

Courtney started her foundation VCAL studies in 2017 and has moved through intermediate VCAL and will complete her senior studies at the end of 2020.

“I really enjoyed the quieter environment and the course really concentrated on getting you ready for employment and further study.

“My prime focus right now is on finishing this year but I can definitely see myself back at TAFE next year,” she said.

Courtney is considering studying education support with the aim of gaining employment at the Warrnambool Special Development School.

However, her long-term goal is to study ancient history and archaeology at university.

“I’ve always enjoyed learning about the past and I love science,” she said.

In the mean time Courtney said she was happy to gain some work and continue to keep learning.

Courtney Earls studied VCAL at South West TAFE
Courtney Earls studied VCAL at South West TAFE