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An update from SWTAFE

Industrial action has commenced on the South West TAFE campus following the Australian Education Union’s (AEU) recent vote in favour of taking protected industrial action (PIA).
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This action may include future work stoppages, displaying campaign posters or slogans in the workplace, limitations on undertaking certain tasks, and other forms of protest.

South West TAFE is working with stakeholders to put in place mitigating measures necessary in light of the ongoing protected industrial action. We will also continue to keep students, staff and other stakeholders updated in light of protected industrial action.

We recognise the right of a team member to choose whether to participate in protected industrial action and respect the right of staff to express their voice. 

We encourage the AEU to return to negotiations.

At present at South West TAFE, classes are continuing as scheduled.

Q&A for students and employers

How do I know if my classes are affected? What if my teacher is involved?

Some teachers are participating in industrial action and you may notice campaign material around campus.

At this stage the industrial action is mostly limited to administrative processes, relating to auditing and teacher professional development, the provision of internal documents, record keeping, wearing Union-related insignia, and stopping work during visits by certain politicians.​ ​

Limited bans on responding to student enquiries, and undertaking extra teaching or overtime also apply.

Any impacts to classes will be advised on the TAFE website and via SMS.

How long will the industrial action go for?

The exact length of industrial action is not known. For now, we do not expect widespread impact on classes.  Should you have any issues or questions about courses or classes, please visit the South West TAFE website.

Should you have any questions about this please contact the below:


Students: Kathy Hall, Director of Education, via or 5564 8832. 

VET DSS Students or Schools: Louise Cameron, Executive Manager, Education via or 5564 8940.

Employers of Trainee or Apprentices: Louise Cameron, Executive Manager, Education via or 5564 8940.

Staff: People and Culture via or contact Anne Ridgeway via 5564 8771.