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COVID-19 Student Update

/ Coronavirus Student Updates
This afternoon the Victorian Government announced that the whole of Victoria will move to a seven-day lockdown from 8.00 tonight (until 11.59pm Thursday 12 August).
COVID 19 Update

All campuses will close during the lockdown period. SWTAFE will transition to remote learning (other than the courses listed in this communication).

What this means for SWTAFE students

For Higher Education and Training the Victorian Government has advised if you can study from home you should study from home.

This means all classes, other than those listed below, will now switch to remote learning (as per timetable) and continue for the lockdown period.

The following classes are the only classes that will continue to come on-site, as per the timetable. Please do not attend on-site if you have any symptoms.

  • Certificate II in Horticulture
  • Certificate III in Horticulture
  • Certificate II in Electrotechnology Studies (Pre-vocational)
  • Certificate III Electrotechnology Electrician (apprentices)
  • Certificate II in Building and Construction (Pre-apprenticeship)
  • Certificate III in Carpentry (apprentices)
  • Certificate II in Furniture Making
  • Certificate III in Cabinet Making (apprentices)
  • Certificate II in Automotive Vocational Preparation
  • Certificate III in Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology (apprentices)
  • Certificate II in Engineering Studies
  • Certificate III in Engineering - Fabrication Trade (apprentices)
  • Certificate III in Engineering - Mechanical Trade (apprentices)
  • Certificate III in Plumbing (apprentices)
  • Operate and Maintain Chainsaws short course
  • Licence to Operate a Forklift short course (Portland & Hamilton)
  • Traffic Management short course (Hamilton)
  • Licence to Operate an Elevating Work Platform short course (Industry Skills Centre)
  • Construction Induction Card short course (Hamilton)
  • Workplace Spotting for Service Assets short course

From tomorrow, South West Disability Services (SWDS) will transition to essential one-to-one support and will continue during the lockdown period.  Online WebEx sessions will be available on Monday, Wednesday and Friday 10am - 12pm for NDIS eligible participants.

Please contact Disability Services on (03) 5564 8720 -  to discuss your individual support requirements. 

Students wishing to access Webex tutoring support during these times may submit a request via

Student support

A Study from Home Guide has been prepared to assist students. The guide provides a raft of info and FAQs. This can be accessed via the SWTAFE website on the Services and Support page. Plus, we have a dedicated Student Helpline for ICT where students can get help with connectivity. Please call 5564 8854.

You can now find the SWTAFE Student Hub on the SWTAFE website. Here you can find support documents and utilities like Password Reset while studying from home. The link is

Our student wellbeing team are here to help

Our Student Wellbeing team are available to assist all students and are always happy to chat.

The adjustment from on-site at SWTAFE to study at home can be a challenge and we can help to talk through this transition, or anything else we can help with. We encourage you to get in touch with any of our team members if you feel you need some assistance.  

Next steps

The Premier today made a call for anyone with symptoms to please get tested, and we support and encourage this amongst our community.  So, if you have any symptoms, please get tested immediately.

We will continue to provide you with timely updates as the Victorian Government provides further advice.

I continue to be buoyed by your ability to respond in such a professional and calm manner to the evolving situation.  It’s a credit to the culture of our students and staff at SWTAFE.  

As they say, keep on keeping on.  Keep up the good work and keep safe.

Best regards,
Mark Fidge