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Elliot to inspire the next generation of electricians

/ Success Story
WATCHING an electrician install a new light in his house inspired Elliot Riley to take on an electrical apprenticeship with Belmont Electrics.
Elliot Riley

“We had an electrician come to our house and it looked like it would be so much fun so I decided to give it a go,” he said.

Elliot said he worked primarily on domestic new builds and loved it when he finished a job and he could walk around and take pride in the work that he’d done.

He said he enjoyed trade school at South West TAFE and the teachers were able to make learning fun and easy.

“The teachers were great. Every time I came to trade school I learnt something new that I could take into my workplace,” he said.

Elliot said he was loving working in the trade but his long-term goal was to share his knowledge and start teaching.