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Kane takes on the technology industry

/ Success Story
Kane Brumley is studying a Certificate III in Telecommunications and is loving the ever-changing industry.
Kane Brumley
Kane Brumley studying a Certificate III in Telecommunications at South West TAFE

Kane Brumley has taken his interest in technology and turned it into a job he loves.

He admits that while it is a constantly changing profession – that is one of the things he loves most about it.

“You have to be adaptable. The job has changed so much even in just the last three years. There are always better things being developed that you can use on the job,” he said.

After finishing school in Hamilton, Kane moved to the Warrnambool area with his family and gained a job as a labourer for a builder.

It was during this time that he heard Coastal Sound and Vision were looking for a trainee and he jumped at the chance.

He is now studying a Certificate III in Telecommunications at South West TAFE and loving it.

“It was field that I’ve always been interested in and I’ve always been fairly good with technology so it was perfect,” he said.

Kane’s work varies from day-to-day and includes anything from cabling for new and existing houses, commercial premises and schools to installing security systems.

Kane said his studies at South West TAFE were definitely helping him with his on the job training.

“It works so well together – everything we’re learning at TAFE relates to what I’m doing at work and the teachers are great and are happy to help with any questions we have,” he said.