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SWTAFE partners with Foton Mobility to develop zero emission skills training

Foton Mobility Distribution Pty. Ltd (FMD) are proud to announce that they have signed Deeds of Collaboration with a number of major national education and vocational training Institutions to facilitate the upskilling of trades to support the uptake of zero emissions vehicles, with particular focus on the Bus and Heavy Transport Industries.

FMD will partner with South West TAFE, TAFE NSW, TAFE Queensland, Federation University, Deakin University (VIC) TAS TAFE, TAFE SA, South Metropolitan TAFE WA, MTA (NSW) and MTA (QLD) to work on developing training programs and accreditations to meet the needs of the Transport industry.

Whilst acknowledging that skills shortages exist across the broader economy, the partnerships intend to address this by creating a pathway for already technically trained workers to maintain and upgrade their skills in the repair and maintenance of both battery electric and hydrogen fuel cell zero emissions vehicles (FCEV’s), whilst offering entry-level skills training to attract workers across to the new opportunities in the green economy of the future.

The agreements provide the basis and framework for the parties to work together to identify, develop and implement any mutually beneficial educational and training opportunities and projects, in support of both State, Territory and Federal Government zero emissions policies.

Additionally, the parties seek, where possible, to develop a nationally consistent and recognised curriculum catering specifically for the maintenance and operation of new energy vehicles.

FMD GM of Aftersales, Ross Thompson stated that “the partnerships we form with educational institutes are extremely important to us. Not only do they enable us to pass on our extensive body of knowledge about new energy vehicles, but they also help us to understand what skills need developing, and what skills don’t currently exist. In the end, these collaborations will help ensure that the transport sector is able to support the transition to zero emission vehicles”.
Dr. John Flett, Director of Strategy & Research at South West TAFE added “South West TAFE is looking forward to collaborating with FMD and our educational partners to develop training resources for bus and heavy Fuel Cell Electric Vehicle operators. Having industry and education stakeholders working together like this is the way of the future”.

Mark Peters, General Manager Fleet, Innovation and Business Intelligence Transit Systems Australia commented “We’re proud of our partnership with Foton in deploying more sustainable bus solutions and we look forward to sharing our heavy vehicle experiences and learnings with zero emission bus technology, across both Battery Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell capabilities. We believe this will help close the skills gap and we congratulate Foton Mobility on the initiative, helping to advance the industry and invest in the next generation of industry professionals”

Transit Systems recently acquired its first two Hydrogen Fuel Cell City buses from Foton Mobility.

FMD has access to knowledge and experience gained from over 15 years of Research and Development, and millions of kilometres of real-world data centred on New Energy vehicles and propulsion systems, This background makes FMD well placed to provide invaluable technical input not readily available, and therefore greatly supports the upskilling of workers in readiness for the zero emissions vehicles of the future.

Foton Mobility Distribution (a part of the TrueGreen Impact Investment Group) are the exclusive Australian Distributors of Foton New Energy commercial transport vehicles, including the T5 Light Duty Electric truck, Electric Vans, Battery Electric and Hydrogen Fuel Cell City buses, soon to be joined by Hydrogen Prime Movers.
FMD have also recently acquired the exclusive Australian Distributorship for Asiastar New Energy Commercial vehicles, including the about to be launched Eurise D11 5.9m Electric Van.

FMD look to bring the best available new energy vehicle technology to Australia at scale in order to support the transition to zero emissions.