Certificate III in Plumbing (Apprenticeship)

Course Code CPC32420
Locations Warrnambool

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Study Mode Apprenticeship, Traineeship
Length Four years
Commencement Start any time
Timetable On-the-job training plus nine one-week training sessions on campus over the first three years. The fourth year is on-the-job training only.
On campus training sessions are Monday to Friday, 8am -5pm each day and Friday is 8am - 3pm.
Course Overview

This apprenticeship will provide you with hands-on skills and experience through theory and practical components. You will develop plumbing skills through a combination of on-the-job training and block release on campus. During this course you will learn about roof plumbing, sanitary and drainage, hot, cold and warm water, gas fitting, mechanical plumbing, irrigation and fire protection.

What will I Learn?

During this course, you will gain the essential skills and knowledge to specialise in:

  • water, including hot and cold pipework installations, and hot water service installations
  • sanitary, including fixture installation, above-ground pipe work
  • drainage, including trench support installation, laying below ground drains, septic tanks installation, stormwater system installation
  • gas fitting, including pipework and appliance installation, commissioning, purging
  • fire hydrant and sprinkler systems
  • urban irrigation systems
  • roofing, including roof and wall coverings, flashings and penetrations, rainwater tank installation

Course Outcomes and Career Opportunities

  • General Plumbing
  • Drainage
  • Gasfitting
  • Roof Plumbing
  • Water Supply
  • Mechanical Services (Heating and Ventilation)


Further study is available to anyone who wishes to undertake the Certificate IV in Plumbing Services. On successful completion of the course, students can apply to the Plumbing Industry Commission for licensing assessment. This will be a requirement if you intend to operate a plumbing business.

Information Session

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Course in Transition

This qualification is superseded and course updates are occurring.

To ensure course content is relevant and industry-specific, industry is constantly having input into this training package. The course code, title, units, and content may change in the future and you may be enrolled in the new qualification. Further information will be provided on our website, upon enrolment and/or during the course of your training.

Course Requirements
Entrance requirements & pre-requisites

You need to be employed in this field as an apprentice plumber before commencing this course.

If you are currently not employed in this field please contact the Skills and Jobs Centre for further advice. 

Apprenticeship/Traineeship Entry Requirements

You need to be employed in this field as an apprentice plumber before commencing this course.

If you are currently not employed in this field please contact the Skills and Jobs Centre for further advice. 

Units offered

Core Units

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Unit Code Unit Name Unit Hours Unit Consumables
HLTAID011 Provide First Aid 18 $0.00
UEECD0007 Apply work health and safety regulations, codes and practices in the workplace 20 $0.00
CPCCWHS2001 Apply WHS requirements, policies and procedures in the construction industry 20 $0.00
CPCCCM2012 Work safely at heights 8 $0.00
CPCWHS1001 Prepare to work safely in the construction industry 6 $0.00
CPCPCM2039 Carry out interactive workplace communication 10 $0.00
CPCPCM2040 Read plans, calculate quantities and mark out materials 28 $0.00
CPCPCM2041 Work effectively in the plumbing services sector 15 $0.00
CPCPCM2043 Carry out WHS requirements 50 $0.00
CPCPCM2045 Handle and store plumbing materials 6 $0.00
CPCPCM2046 Use plumbing hand and power tools 40 $0.00
CPCPCM2047 Carry out levelling 6 $0.00
CPCPCM2048 Cut and join sheet metal 8 $0.00
CPCPCM2054 Carry out simple concreting and rendering 16 $0.00
CPCPCM2055 Work safely on roofs 20 $0.00
CPCPCM3021 Flash penetrations through roofs and walls 18 $0.00
CPCPCM3022 Weld polymer pipes using fusion method 8 $0.00
CPCPCM3023 Fabricate and install non-ferrous pressure piping 12 $0.00
CPCPCM3024 Prepare simple drawings 20 $0.00
CPCPCM3025 Install trench support 16 $0.00
CPCPDR2021 Locate and clear blockages 8 $0.00
CPCPDR2025 Install stormwater and sub-soil drainage systems and drain work site 20 $0.00
CPCPDR2026 Install prefabricated inspection openings and inspection chambers 4 $0.00
CPCPDR3021 Plan layout and install below ground sanitary drainage systems 38 $0.00
CPCPDR3023 Install on-site domestic wastewater treatment plants and disposal systems 25 $0.00
CPCPFS3031 Fabricate and install fire hydrant and hose reel systems 40 $0.00
CPCPGS3048 Install gas pressure control equipment 8 $0.00
CPCPGS3049 Install gas appliance flues 12 $0.00
CPCPGS3051 Purge consumer piping 8 $0.00
CPCPGS3053 Disconnect and reconnect Type A gas appliances 16 $0.00
CPCPGS3054 Calculate and install natural ventilation for Type A gas appliances 8 $0.00
CPCPGS3056 Size and install consumer gas piping systems 32 $0.00
CPCPGS3059 Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity up to 500 litres 22 $0.00
CPCPGS3061 Install and commission Type A gas appliances 30 $0.00
CPCPRF2023 Collect and store roof water 10 $0.00
CPCPRF3022 Fabricate and install roof drainage systems 48 $0.00
CPCPRF3023 Fabricate and install external flashings 16 $0.00
CPCPRF3024 Install roof components 10 $0.00
CPCPSN3011 Plan the layout of a residential sanitary plumbing system and fabricate and install sanitary stacks 36 $0.00
CPCPSN3022 Install discharge pipes 28 $0.00
CPCPWT3020 Connect and install storage tanks to a domestic water supply 12 $0.00
CPCPWT3021 Set out and install water services 36 $0.00
CPCPWT3022 Install and commission water heating systems and adjust controls and devices 35 $0.00
CPCPWT3025 Install water pumpsets 8 $0.00
CPCPWT3026 Install and fit off sanitary fixtures, water services and adjust water service controls 36 $0.00
CPCPWT3027 Install backflow prevention devices 6 $0.00
CPCCCM3001 Operate elevated work platforms up to 11 metres 32 $0.00
RIIWHS202E Enter and Work in Confined Spaces 30 $0.00
CPCCWC2001 Complete penetrations and flashings 20 $0.00
CPCPCM2049 Cut using oxy-acetylene equipment 8 $0.00
CPCPCM2052 Weld mild steel using oxy-acetylene equipment 16 $0.00
CPCPCM2053 Weld using metal arc welding equipment 16 $0.00
CPCPFS3037 Install residential life safety sprinkler systems 60 $0.00
CPCPFS3038 Test and maintain fire hydrant and hose reel installations 60 $0.00
CPCPGS3046 Install LPG systems in caravans, mobile homes and mobile workplaces 12 $0.00
CPCPGS3047 Install LPG systems in marine craft 12 $0.00
CPCPGS3052 Maintain Type A gas appliances 12 $0.00
CPCPGS3060 Install LPG storage of aggregate storage capacity exceeding 500 litres and less than 8 kl 4 $0.00
CPCPIG2021 Design domestic urban irrigation systems 5 $0.00
CPCPIG3021 Set out, install and commission irrigation systems 4 $0.00
CPCPIG3022 Install and commission domestic irrigation pumps 4 $0.00
CPCPMS2021 Assemble mechanical services components 12 $0.00
CPCPMS3031 Fabricate and install steel pressure piping 54 $0.00
CPCPMS3032 Select and fit insulation and sheathing 8 $0.00
CPCPMS3033 Install small bore heating systems 15 $0.00
CPCPMS3034 Install and test medical gas pipeline systems 24 $0.00
CPCPMS3035 Install and test ducting systems 12 $0.00
CPCPMS3036 Install air handling units 12 $0.00
CPCPMS3038 Install air conditioning control equipment 8 $0.00
CPCPMS3039 Maintain mechanical services equipment 8 $0.00
CPCPMS3040 Install and commission evaporative air cooling systems 20 $0.00
CPCPMS3041 Install domestic solid fuel burning appliances 20 $0.00
CPCPRF2022 Select and install roof sheeting and wall cladding 30 $0.00
CPCPRF3021 Receive roofing materials 4 $0.00
CPCPRF3025 Install roof coverings to curved roof structures 12 $0.00
CPCPRF3026 Install roof sheets, wall cladding and complex flashings 30 $0.00
CPCPSN3025 Install pre-treatment facilities 8 $0.00
CPCPSN3026 Install sewerage pumpsets 8 $0.00
CPCPWT3024 Install and maintain domestic water treatment equipment 10 $0.00
CPCPWT3028 Install property service 10 $0.00
CPCPWT3029 Install water pipe systems 12 $0.00
UEERA0049 Install and start up single head split air conditioning and water heating heat pump systems 70 $0.00
UEERA0059 Prepare and connect refrigerant tubing and fittings 40 $0.00
UEERA0064 Recover, pressure test, evacuate, charge and leak test refrigerants - split systems 60 $0.00

This course involves accredited units.  You will be required to complete assessment tasks to demonstrate your underpinning knowledge, skills and attributes to meet the course outcomes.  A combination of written, oral and practical assessment strategies will be used in either a classroom, online or workplace environment. 

Where units require demonstration of skills in a workplace environment, you will have the opportunity to do this either in your own workplace (where appropriate), through a practical placement, or by using one of the Institute's simulated workshops/classrooms.  Detailed information about the types, conduct and dates of assessments will be provided in advance.  You will also be provided with information about the opportunity for reassessment and appeal.

After applying

Once you have applied for your chosen course, you will receive a thank you email from South West TAFE with a few steps to help process your enrolment.

Complete a Pre-Training Review
You will receive an email to complete a Pre-Training Review online evaluation. This evaluation helps us tailor your training to suit your needs.

Create or provide a Unique Student Identifier (USI)
A USI is a nationally recognised reference number that provides an online record of your training qualifications gained in Australia.
Create your USI
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Skills recognition
If you have experience or prior qualifications, you may be eligible to apply for recognition of prior learning and gain credits. You will be asked to provide any relevant Statement of Attainment to support identified credits.

Course Fees

Here's an outline of fees and costs associated with your course.

Your fees each year can be made up of 3 different elements.  Everyone has different circumstances that can affect what you pay and how much you pay. :

  1. Tuition fees - charged as an hourly rate that varies from course to course. A large portion of the tuition is subsidised by the Victorian Government for eligible students.
  2. Resource and/or materials costs - covers the cost of materials and other incidentals. This fee will vary according to the course being undertaken.
  3. Booklist items - such as textbooks, equipment and stationery recommended for your course

Tuition fees

There are 4 different rates of tuition fees. Only one will apply to you (depending on your eligibility and circumstances). 

  1. Government Subsidised Fee - you could be eligible for a government-subsidised rate under the Skills First funding depending on your age, educational history, and citizenship or residency status. If you are eligible, the government will contribute to the cost of your training.
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  2. Government Subsidised Concession Fee - If you are eligible for a Skills First government-subsidised place and hold a current healthcare or pension card, that you can provide at enrolment, you may be eligible for the concession rate. Note, the concession rate is not applicable to Diploma level courses.
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  3. If the course is a Free TAFE course or part of the Free TAFE Pathways Program - Eligible students will not pay course tuition fees for the duration of their enrolment in this course, however, there may be some consumable/material fees for the course (find out more below). Any resource or material costs, or booklist items for this course are listed in the table below.
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  4. Full fee - If you are not eligible for a Skills First government-subsidised place, exemption, concession or are enrolling in a course that isn't government-subsidised, you may be required to pay the full fee rate.


The fees listed below are indicative only. The course fees published are subject to change given individual circumstances at enrolment. Course fee funding is made available to eligible individuals by the Victorian and Commonwealth Governments. If funding is utilised, this may affect opportunities to access additional funding in the future. An accurate quote for this course will be provided during the enrolment process.

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Course fees by student type Indicative Course Fee
Government subsidised rate (if eligible) $6,555.00
Concession rate $1,315.00
Full fee rate (if not eligible for govt subsidy) $30,350.00
Resource and/or materials costs

Some courses require specific resources or materials necessary for your study eg: tools of the trade, excursions, etc. Final costs will be determined upon enrolment.

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Additional course fees Indicative Course Fee
Course consumable/materials (approximate) $338.10

Your course may require you to purchase additional materials or books (eg uniform, stationery, textbooks). Some of these items are optional and some are mandatory. You can purchase these items from Campion Education, second-hand or via another supplier. Click here to find out more. 

You can download the booklist for this course here: HERE

How do I pay my fees?

Once we have processed your enrolment form, you will receive an email with your invoice.

You have three options when organising your payment:

  1. Upfront payment - can be made over the phone with EFTPOS
  1. Payment plan - can be directly debited from your bank account, debited from your Centrelink payments or via a VET Student Loan (for diploma or advanced diploma courses only)
  1. Paid by employer, school or job network agency - if your fees are being paid by your employer, school or job network agency, you will need to complete an Authority to Invoice form.

Payments will need to be arranged within five(5) business days of receiving the email containing your invoice.

We also offer a range of scholarships each year which you may be eligible to apply for to assist with course fees.

Next Steps
How to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship

There are five simple steps to apply for an apprenticeship or traineeship with us.

  1. Find a job - find a job as an apprentice or trainee through an Apprenticeship Centre or Group Training Company.
  2. Register - register with an Australian Apprenticeship Support Network (AASN) and nominate SWTAFE as your training provider (your employer will usually do this for you).
  3. Complete a pre-training review - SWTAFE staff will contact you to organise your Pre-Training Review once your ASSN contract registration is complete.
  4. Enrol - complete the enrolment form provided to you and provide your identification.
  5. Sign - once you’ve completed your enrolment form and verified your identification you will receive your student declaration form to review and sign. You can sign this digitally via your smartphone, computer or tablet.

If need any assistance with applying, contact our Customer Service team on 1300 648 911 or visit your nearest campus.

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